Intentional Parenting Course


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Intentional Parenting Course

Take parenting to the next level! 

By far, the number one question I get asked by parents is how do I discipline my child without punishing or yelling?!

The 6 week Intentional Parenting Course (Level 1) will teach you the most important steps to CONSCIOUSLY raising your child and teach you how to implement conscious parenting techniques that work to raise your child’s level of self-discipline without putting a band-aide on the situations.

Intentional parenting means taking the time to be at the center of your family and ENJOY the interaction with your children and partner. It means being PRESENT and creating experiences for your family. It means thinking of the big picture of “what do I really want my child to learn?” when I’m disciplining. It means creating a sense of US as a UNIT and respecting everyone’s individuality within the family.

When you ask most parents “What do you want for your child?” They all respond the same way: “I want her to be happy!”, “I want him to become the best version of himself”. When we become mindful parents, we give our children the gift of becoming mindful individuals. We allow them to blossom into the unique person that they are.

Receive online classes with Calls To Action and check ins by email on a weekly basis. 

You will learn about and implement practical steps to conscious parenting  from the comfort of your home! We will set and achieve weekly goals, address your main concerns, and transform your approach to parenting to better support your children to thrive.

I will be available to you once a week on a one-on-one parenting email/call to provide further guidance in your transformation!

Topics that we will cover:

week 1: The Mindset

week 2: The Self

week 3: The Relationship 

week 4: Setting Rules in your home

week 5: Creating Leverage in your Home

week 6: The Whole Brain Child Strategies